Writing Is It An Art

When growing up in life, we have a large imagination to think of careers that will have
us feel rewarded. As of an early age, we see many things to round us into a adults, to make
a right decision in what we want to do as we grow up. We see many things that make us
happy, but uncertain on an idea to make a decision until we get older.

Being  an individual  that sees truth, as a signal to decide away of life, will get closer to
reality if we show signs of reaching  a decision for our future. One of the most inspiring
way to make a living, is to become a writer, if that individual  shows talent by writing
some articles that capture an audience with a wave of excitement for a period of time,
will complete the essence of being a crowd keeper forever.

A moment in ones life that reflects  recognition of a job well done, is when a writer gets
published for a story that captured many people called an audience. The successful career
of being an author, is the tributes that come there way of having a book listed as a best seller.
When you see a name on a published book, take into consideration that the name listed o the

book or article, may not be listed as the true name of the author. The example of this is when
I started to write articles and a book I am working on, a Publisher is asking to have a name that is catchy, as this will attract an audience. In my case, One of the publishers that I am working for, asked for a name that would make the article to stand out.

In my literature works, I have selected a name as “Mollie Strongbloom”. The decision on how I selected the name is a reflection of my past and my future.  The name “Mollie”, came as a tribute to my grandmother that passed  away along time ago, as this was her first name. The second part of “Strongbloom” came from my style of writing and the strong approach to be a significant writer, and the other part of the last name of “Bloom” was due to a career change in my life as a 58 year old man blossoming his approach to write at this stage of my life.To bloom as a writer that has talent at this part of my life.



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