Life as we see things are going to change for all of us

As you have  seen,that I like to write and put out my hand to anyone that needs help. There is always a reason on why people do things. I am going to bring things to light with some of my posts that are coming. When I went to college,I majored in Economics,because my concern is how society looks at stabilization of funds in many industries. My thesis was on forecasting trends on how consumers react to spending habits as a whole. To many individuals today, are relying on using credit,which hinders activity for there future. How do we approach down turn indicators on over spending, or wasteful spending by many. We look on what we can spend, and not have a plan on saving. The thing that is important to understand, is in relation to how the economy is handled. You have noticed in the past, when society is in a down turn of capable market funds,that either inflation comes, or a depression if funds are not available. Right now consumers are feeling a little relaxed on these issues, but now is the time we look deep into our own economic indicators. The question is,”Why has the financial industry keep  harping about saving for retirement”? Explanations are not being discussing from our own government, which is a major problem for economists here in the United States. We are the ones that monitor all the conditions in all the markets, to see if there are variations, or a trend coming to impact us in the future. Since I majored in Economics, I have always as a hobby,forecast conditions for future endeavors of being stable on our capabilities on fund access. Me personally, I see major changes coming to society and how we approach it. How will consumers validate financial access  for there future? I like to bring things to light now. If you have a family, and if you are educated and know how to manage an income, then you will be OK with things coming. If you can’t handle money matters, then you are going to take a ride with how individuals are going to be able to sustain themselves,when the next depression will hit us. I just want people to look at there own wealth,or what wealth they have and start to manage it now!!  Below is an article that I stress you to read,so you are prepared when the change comes to us sooner then you think.

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The Magic Words In All Of Us

Every day I see many people I talk to,to learn about how there life is. I hear many stories of significance on a manner of relevance. Each story I listen to has a purpose in this world. We may not see the relevance of that story right away, but eventually we see. It comes to a point after going through several steps to get to that point. There is so much wisdom in the world, and how do we know what will make a difference to me. One solution is throwing out to the community the aspects of how to survive. The other way,is going along with what the world sees at a distance. To experience the right acceptance, can only be when we learn patience. To many people think they know what the world wants to hear,but if we are experience as a good listener,there will be a time that we will agree with what we hear. There is never to much of listening to others to think they know it all.

You see, there are many angles on understanding how to listen. There are soft listeners,there are strong listeners, and there are listeners that question the information from someone telling a story. What makes a story magical? The answer is those magic words we truly want to hear about. We get recognition on choice words used to tell a real story. There are magical words that you want to learn how to dream. The true magical words will come from someone that has a world of knowledge, and much wisdom that they want us to listen to. If those words reflect importance and exposure for all to know,then that is the true and accepted meaning of a real story that will benefit all. Magic words can be in everybody,but to draw them out,is a measure of experience that we all want to have in their life.When we become a writer, we need to look deep down in our souls, to bring up from the bottom those magical words to please someone.Remember that anyone can bring up those magical words from ones soul, but to put it in proper context,make the world of difference.

magic words

Emotional Stress In Ones Life

This is about our individuality, as a human being.In life we have different stages on how we cope with life’s changes.  It allows us to see beyond the circumstance,so that decisions can be made to understand and to shape our knowledge. This is done to have people get wisdom over the years,so we can address a problem when we are older. Everyone has stress in their life,no matter how old one is. Stress when you are younger, is not the same type of stress as we are older. The stress of a child, is  stress about understanding what is taken place. Stress as an adult, is a stress on the responsibilities we have , as being a responsible parent,or a guardian, or  a clergyman. A profession of any kind, is not different to escape stress. How we cope with stress based on an age parameter, is how we accept that feeling.We all have to work at it,so relationships,a condition of a disibility, or even a loss of a close family relative,or a very dear friend you have known for a long time.

Is it any different if you are married or divorced? Is it any different if you are alone in the world? Or better yet,if you live in a country that is technological advancement approached with citizens in those countries. The point of stress no matter of any condition or an event that has developed, is how each and everyone of us copes with it. Now some cope with it better then others, but it doesn’t mean that stress is segregated, on anyone that has it,would be different. Our world we live in, reflects individuality or logic,but what will be will be, ” Que Sara Sara” We can shape our circumstance based on the environment we live in, but if we don’t focus on solutions, that we will not learn how to deal with that stress, and it will impact your life for a very long time. It is never good to have that feeling bottled up. What we do with it,will make a world of difference on our life.


Just Because I Am Different From You Doesn’t Mean You Are Better Then Me

To get right to the point on the title of this post, I want to bring up that we are all different in life, but that also means we are special. How many times do we hear someone say, oh that person is fat, or it is disgusting that this individual is sleeping in a cardboard box outside. And this is a good one, Look at that person showing a sign at the entrance to a highway saying, that he will work for food,because he is starving, and all he needs is a good meal to pick up his spirits. What I see in the world,is many people are ridiculed because they are different then you. They are down on their luck, and because you are doing better then that individual,does not mean to throw them away a a bag of garbage, I know there are many people around the world that have a different view on people that are living in the street. A lot of people just don’t want to know about this situation. When we are born and we start to go to services whether it is a church,or a temple or any house of worship, the main response on what the lord would say, is feed the hungry,give them a roof over there head, help them to get a option of being accepted as a person for society.In every religion, one of the first few proverbs, is treat people with respect, and reach out to them with an open hand,to change the way people consider them.One person is not better then another person because they are different, or they are doing better then you. God teaches us,and this is in many type of bibles regardless of what religion you believe in, is “Care for all our brothers and sisters in the world” You think God was trying to say to us, of caring for people that are not as fortunate as you are?  famous saying “We live for tomorrow”, is a point to reflect, that things can change, and it can show greener pastures. All people need in life, is  saying that John Lennon sang about because of his beliefs that we should never throw away another life,because they are different. We need to embrace that idea, and only after that, we can say, that it is getting better for all. “All we need is give us a chance”. He knew way above and the past what will be.


Our Final Resting Place

In our world of intrigued occurrences, there are a few things that will happen, in which we have no say about it. The first is being born into this world as a baby. This is where we start out wondering why I am here. We don’t understand the logistics of being alive, or know about life until we learn about patience, so we can develop about the traits of existence. Many people don’t understand the whole 9 yards on what being alive means, and why we came to be. The other part of the point of view, is taxes and dying. This is the ultimate variation on what happens when our body is turned off for being alive lets say, 85 years. This is a time our heart and soul will continue,while our body deteriorates into only bones. Once our body is laid to rest and separates our existence, our soul continues on the path into eternity. This is the second phase on existence. We depart from the earth into the clouds in a stop of landing in heaven. This is a temporary stop to a blissful journey into the second phase of purity. If we do right, we continue onto this path. If we do wrong,we are then sent back down to live on earth,where mortality in our soul weakens. There is only 2 places we can have our souls resting.The final resting place, is the land of purity. Only good things end up in this location, and only God will put us there after we go to heaven with our souls. The purity of existence is for a few,and if selected, will be for eternity, where you will never go anywhere else to complete our final resting place for our souls. Just remember what you do on earth, will delegate where you end up being. Always care for others, as that glory of being an eternal soul, is only for a few, and God will be the only one that selects the right souls to continue.


The Creation Of The World

aaaaaaaaI like writing editorials, because it brings to a point on relevance we all feel about our self, and what each one of us do to make life memorable. Tonight’s editorial, is about our existence. There is always an attempt to bring to light about our existence in this world. They try to emphasize on the principles of Darwin. Darwin’s principals didn’t take into existence of the oh mighty. Why was that not put into the forefront of life. Was there expectations at the time Darwin wrote his belief, or was he a prophet with similarities. Why was the facts omitted about how life began? I believe the reason several notices was not added to his belief, was do to skepticism on his theory. I believe it wasn’t skepticism, but his knowledge of the issue of life. He didn’t have all the facts upon him presenting his beliefs. What it comes to, is the facts,which he wasn’t into control of.There was more theory then anything else. The true representation on our existence in this world,goes back many thousand of years. Now depending on your belief based on your religion, there is proof on how this world came about. The principles of our birth,has consensus of what truly happened. When God made all things of life,he expressed the value in everything,thou most individuals did not believe his thoughts as being consistent. What you believe in and what you practice as a religion, will be based on knowledge and skepticism.What was a belief, was a basis on why God created the earth. If you believe in our existence,based on the ultimate plan that was destined, will be more of a belief. There are facts that resemble the value of existence.There is also religions that have some differences. The true fact which goes back many,many years, and even before Christ being born, is that prophets saw what the world was going to be, and the reflection is based on history. My belief on how we were created, was based on a consensus of historians, and prophets, and the value of each of the religions in the world. They all fall in suit on why this world was created.

The Lunar Calender

One of the oldest calenders on record is called a lunar calender. It starts at sundown in the evening, and ends when the sun comes up in the morning. The lunar calender is important to the Jewish Religion, because the laws of the Bible on a religious importance is followed in Judaism. As with all religions,that is used on prayers of that religion, signifies that certain prayers have to be said once the sun sets. Those prayers done are part of a service called Mariv {Mar-reeve). As in the morning after the sun rises. Lunar calenders go back almost 2000 years. They say also the lunar calender,was started in a time period called AC, after Christ died. Not only is a lunar calender important, but it helps people understand the relevance of the sun rising, and when the sunset comes where the parts of the moon will shine. Also depending on the reflection of the moon, will also have an indication on what paert of the month it is. The importance behind that is in the Jewish Religion, a certain action or holiday is shown based on how the moon is. I know there are other religions that follow a lunar calender, but not sure the significance is similar. To all that are in this forum,is there any other religions that are practiced based on a Lunar Calender. We all need to understand the differences in the world, so if someone can answer this question, it would be away to teach others,based on the religion you follow. No matter how old you are, that we all can learn about different cultures. This makes the world go round to help all people on the importance of your religion, but also the meaning of why a Lunar Calender is followed. On the link below,you will see explanations of being a lunar time, and the relevance on why it occurs.

.lunar calender