I Love You With All My Heart

I look at life and see all the beautiful things that are in it. I see life
blossom from the heart and sparkle with joy. I feel so good inside
me, because I am happy. Do you know why I am like this? It is the

love of my life, that shares her joys and sorrows, that allows me to
be in her heart to confide her when she needs a warm soul to provide
her with words to have her feel special. I thought I knew what love

is when  I was younger, but I was wrong. The reason I feel Love now,
is that there is a human being in my life to provide to me compassion,
and sincerity to be here for me when I need her. Her emotions that

make me feel wanted and cared for comes from her soul. She gives
herself freely to make me happy, and I do the same. Her touch has
made me feel tingly inside my body, like no other has in the past.

Her caressing touch has made me feel more and more, that I can let
go of my body to be  with hers. When we make love, we share our
bodies to be complete. We hold each other in our arms and fall a

sleep with each other. When we go outside our home, we hold hands
to show the world we are one. I always open the door  for her when
we go places in our car. We like to try new things to keep spice

in our lives. By doing this, will not have our relationship to soar. My
love is so special to me, as finally I feel secure in my life, that previously
I was not able to let go, to feel. She is the light of my life, with everything

in it. I miss her so dearly when she is not around, and so happy when she
is near me. Love is at times to never say you are sorry for a mistake or
misunderstanding, that was not avoidable. Part of a loving relationship

that is so important, is to always communicate with the one you love.
Never go to sleep, by having an emotional that toils with your heart.
I care so much for my love. I bring  flowers home  for her to show how

much I love her. Her smile I see makes me complete. I would do anything
for hr to make her happy. If a circumstance developed that would save
her life, I would give up my life for hers. There is nothing more special in

life, then a person you are completely in love with now, and forever. My
heart and soul are yours, and will never leave your side for the blissfulness
of eternity


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