How teriffic it is to have a very nice Brother-N-Law.It is so fantastic,when we find out that there is an extention to our family.

One day as time has given us a chance to explore an avenue, we are in amazment, that a new chapter is being developed in a family. We accept the new relationship, that developed a blessing.

It comes to light, that in communucation with a sister, that an extension to a lost brother. With appreciation from 2 sisters in a family, that now a lost brother has come to light.

The family is given an opportunity to become a little bigger once again.We want to acknowledge , and with great joy the two sisters and a brother are back together.

An arangement between my new Brother-N-Law and myself,coordinated a family gathering between a individual that is now a new link in our lives is formed.

I look above in the sky, to see see a rising star,for us to see forever and ever.


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