How do we know if we are wrong with our choice

Do you ever feel,that we have made a mistake in our life? Can you see things clearly, by us experiencing good and bad elements, we have lived through?

Every time we go down the road, we wonder if we have made the right choice in whatever we do. The option on the right, and the option to the left.

Sometimes we make mistakes, but it is not bad we made that mistake.Whether it is do to our age, or whether we feek less confident,when we make the right choice.

We are all human,and how do we learn in life,if we don’t make mistakes. In life, we are not right all the time, so if we do something wrong,don’t let it control you, by the decision you make.

Wisdom is the essence of acceptance. The more we learn, the less we will make a mistake. The time we have lived, will be the ultimate knowledge in us living the life we want.



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