In our garden of flowers,we look to the blossoming of the eclusive Rose. We see the pedals of our dreams,to wake up to blossoming of our ideas.

Each of our ideas on what we should see, will reflect on when the time is right, to show itself. Each color that is shown,will symbolize, the freshness of our inner aoul.

We wonder, when the flower, will show itself.to shine very bright,as we collect the wisdom, as time continues.At the most blessed time in our lives.

The Rose relates to being special,and we learn from each pedal(Time Periods),that we have the education,to make rhe right choice as we get older.

Each decision we make, comes from our heart,to accept the value,that we have experienced, as we travel down the path we call life.

Remember the next time you see a Rose, you think about each pedal on the
flower, to reflect the pedals as periods of time,that we have lived.


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