Our lives will be Relevant



Religion is based on who we are and where we want to be.To me being Jewish, allows my most inner thoughts to come out and reflect an identity,that believes in respect and dignity.

Why do we think so much? A true heart, is the openness to shine from our souls. The warm feelings of helping others, is inherited for quite a very long time, because it is our heritage to do so. There is a reason we are Jewish.

We have a purpose in society,to help our brothers and sisters.The true belief is a  world of knowledge. What better way to be,but to give a reason to make people smile, and to have a good feeling, that we share from within.

Believe in wisdom and knowledge, as we share the belief of humanity. Our souls will intwine with society, because it is our heritage to go on and make the world a better place to live in.


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