Life as we see things are going to change for all of us

As you have  seen,that I like to write and put out my hand to anyone that needs help. There is always a reason on why people do things. I am going to bring things to light with some of my posts that are coming. When I went to college,I majored in Economics,because my concern is how society looks at stabilization of funds in many industries. My thesis was on forecasting trends on how consumers react to spending habits as a whole. To many individuals today, are relying on using credit,which hinders activity for there future. How do we approach down turn indicators on over spending, or wasteful spending by many. We look on what we can spend, and not have a plan on saving. The thing that is important to understand, is in relation to how the economy is handled. You have noticed in the past, when society is in a down turn of capable market funds,that either inflation comes, or a depression if funds are not available. Right now consumers are feeling a little relaxed on these issues, but now is the time we look deep into our own economic indicators. The question is,”Why has the financial industry keep  harping about saving for retirement”? Explanations are not being discussing from our own government, which is a major problem for economists here in the United States. We are the ones that monitor all the conditions in all the markets, to see if there are variations, or a trend coming to impact us in the future. Since I majored in Economics, I have always as a hobby,forecast conditions for future endeavors of being stable on our capabilities on fund access. Me personally, I see major changes coming to society and how we approach it. How will consumers validate financial access  for there future? I like to bring things to light now. If you have a family, and if you are educated and know how to manage an income, then you will be OK with things coming. If you can’t handle money matters, then you are going to take a ride with how individuals are going to be able to sustain themselves,when the next depression will hit us. I just want people to look at there own wealth,or what wealth they have and start to manage it now!!  Below is an article that I stress you to read,so you are prepared when the change comes to us sooner then you think.

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