The Magic Words In All Of Us

Every day I see many people I talk to,to learn about how there life is. I hear many stories of significance on a manner of relevance. Each story I listen to has a purpose in this world. We may not see the relevance of that story right away, but eventually we see. It comes to a point after going through several steps to get to that point. There is so much wisdom in the world, and how do we know what will make a difference to me. One solution is throwing out to the community the aspects of how to survive. The other way,is going along with what the world sees at a distance. To experience the right acceptance, can only be when we learn patience. To many people think they know what the world wants to hear,but if we are experience as a good listener,there will be a time that we will agree with what we hear. There is never to much of listening to others to think they know it all.

You see, there are many angles on understanding how to listen. There are soft listeners,there are strong listeners, and there are listeners that question the information from someone telling a story. What makes a story magical? The answer is those magic words we truly want to hear about. We get recognition on choice words used to tell a real story. There are magical words that you want to learn how to dream. The true magical words will come from someone that has a world of knowledge, and much wisdom that they want us to listen to. If those words reflect importance and exposure for all to know,then that is the true and accepted meaning of a real story that will benefit all. Magic words can be in everybody,but to draw them out,is a measure of experience that we all want to have in their life.When we become a writer, we need to look deep down in our souls, to bring up from the bottom those magical words to please someone.Remember that anyone can bring up those magical words from ones soul, but to put it in proper context,make the world of difference.

magic words


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