Our Final Resting Place

In our world of intrigued occurrences, there are a few things that will happen, in which we have no say about it. The first is being born into this world as a baby. This is where we start out wondering why I am here. We don’t understand the logistics of being alive, or know about life until we learn about patience, so we can develop about the traits of existence. Many people don’t understand the whole 9 yards on what being alive means, and why we came to be. The other part of the point of view, is taxes and dying. This is the ultimate variation on what happens when our body is turned off for being alive lets say, 85 years. This is a time our heart and soul will continue,while our body deteriorates into only bones. Once our body is laid to rest and separates our existence, our soul continues on the path into eternity. This is the second phase on existence. We depart from the earth into the clouds in a stop of landing in heaven. This is a temporary stop to a blissful journey into the second phase of purity. If we do right, we continue onto this path. If we do wrong,we are then sent back down to live on earth,where mortality in our soul weakens. There is only 2 places we can have our souls resting.The final resting place, is the land of purity. Only good things end up in this location, and only God will put us there after we go to heaven with our souls. The purity of existence is for a few,and if selected, will be for eternity, where you will never go anywhere else to complete our final resting place for our souls. Just remember what you do on earth, will delegate where you end up being. Always care for others, as that glory of being an eternal soul, is only for a few, and God will be the only one that selects the right souls to continue.



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