Just Because I Am Different From You Doesn’t Mean You Are Better Then Me

To get right to the point on the title of this post, I want to bring up that we are all different in life, but that also means we are special. How many times do we hear someone say, oh that person is fat, or it is disgusting that this individual is sleeping in a cardboard box outside. And this is a good one, Look at that person showing a sign at the entrance to a highway saying, that he will work for food,because he is starving, and all he needs is a good meal to pick up his spirits. What I see in the world,is many people are ridiculed because they are different then you. They are down on their luck, and because you are doing better then that individual,does not mean to throw them away a a bag of garbage, I know there are many people around the world that have a different view on people that are living in the street. A lot of people just don’t want to know about this situation. When we are born and we start to go to services whether it is a church,or a temple or any house of worship, the main response on what the lord would say, is feed the hungry,give them a roof over there head, help them to get a option of being accepted as a person for society.In every religion, one of the first few proverbs, is treat people with respect, and reach out to them with an open hand,to change the way people consider them.One person is not better then another person because they are different, or they are doing better then you. God teaches us,and this is in many type of bibles regardless of what religion you believe in, is “Care for all our brothers and sisters in the world” You think God was trying to say to us, of caring for people that are not as fortunate as you are?  famous saying “We live for tomorrow”, is a point to reflect, that things can change, and it can show greener pastures. All people need in life, is  saying that John Lennon sang about because of his beliefs that we should never throw away another life,because they are different. We need to embrace that idea, and only after that, we can say, that it is getting better for all. “All we need is give us a chance”. He knew way above and the past what will be.



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