Emotional Stress In Ones Life

This is about our individuality, as a human being.In life we have different stages on how we cope with life’s changes.  It allows us to see beyond the circumstance,so that decisions can be made to understand and to shape our knowledge. This is done to have people get wisdom over the years,so we can address a problem when we are older. Everyone has stress in their life,no matter how old one is. Stress when you are younger, is not the same type of stress as we are older. The stress of a child, is  stress about understanding what is taken place. Stress as an adult, is a stress on the responsibilities we have , as being a responsible parent,or a guardian, or  a clergyman. A profession of any kind, is not different to escape stress. How we cope with stress based on an age parameter, is how we accept that feeling.We all have to work at it,so relationships,a condition of a disibility, or even a loss of a close family relative,or a very dear friend you have known for a long time.

Is it any different if you are married or divorced? Is it any different if you are alone in the world? Or better yet,if you live in a country that is technological advancement approached with citizens in those countries. The point of stress no matter of any condition or an event that has developed, is how each and everyone of us copes with it. Now some cope with it better then others, but it doesn’t mean that stress is segregated, on anyone that has it,would be different. Our world we live in, reflects individuality or logic,but what will be will be, ” Que Sara Sara” We can shape our circumstance based on the environment we live in, but if we don’t focus on solutions, that we will not learn how to deal with that stress, and it will impact your life for a very long time. It is never good to have that feeling bottled up. What we do with it,will make a world of difference on our life.     www.pcchiropractic.com



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