The Creation Of The World

aaaaaaaaI like writing editorials, because it brings to a point on relevance we all feel about our self, and what each one of us do to make life memorable. Tonight’s editorial, is about our existence. There is always an attempt to bring to light about our existence in this world. They try to emphasize on the principles of Darwin. Darwin’s principals didn’t take into existence of the oh mighty. Why was that not put into the forefront of life. Was there expectations at the time Darwin wrote his belief, or was he a prophet with similarities. Why was the facts omitted about how life began? I believe the reason several notices was not added to his belief, was do to skepticism on his theory. I believe it wasn’t skepticism, but his knowledge of the issue of life. He didn’t have all the facts upon him presenting his beliefs. What it comes to, is the facts,which he wasn’t into control of.There was more theory then anything else. The true representation on our existence in this world,goes back many thousand of years. Now depending on your belief based on your religion, there is proof on how this world came about. The principles of our birth,has consensus of what truly happened. When God made all things of life,he expressed the value in everything,thou most individuals did not believe his thoughts as being consistent. What you believe in and what you practice as a religion, will be based on knowledge and skepticism.What was a belief, was a basis on why God created the earth. If you believe in our existence,based on the ultimate plan that was destined, will be more of a belief. There are facts that resemble the value of existence.There is also religions that have some differences. The true fact which goes back many,many years, and even before Christ being born, is that prophets saw what the world was going to be, and the reflection is based on history. My belief on how we were created, was based on a consensus of historians, and prophets, and the value of each of the religions in the world. They all fall in suit on why this world was created.


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