The Lunar Calender

One of the oldest calenders on record is called a lunar calender. It starts at sundown in the evening, and ends when the sun comes up in the morning. The lunar calender is important to the Jewish Religion, because the laws of the Bible on a religious importance is followed in Judaism. As with all religions,that is used on prayers of that religion, signifies that certain prayers have to be said once the sun sets. Those prayers done are part of a service called Mariv {Mar-reeve). As in the morning after the sun rises. Lunar calenders go back almost 2000 years. They say also the lunar calender,was started in a time period called AC, after Christ died. Not only is a lunar calender important, but it helps people understand the relevance of the sun rising, and when the sunset comes where the parts of the moon will shine. Also depending on the reflection of the moon, will also have an indication on what paert of the month it is. The importance behind that is in the Jewish Religion, a certain action or holiday is shown based on how the moon is. I know there are other religions that follow a lunar calender, but not sure the significance is similar. To all that are in this forum,is there any other religions that are practiced based on a Lunar Calender. We all need to understand the differences in the world, so if someone can answer this question, it would be away to teach others,based on the religion you follow. No matter how old you are, that we all can learn about different cultures. This makes the world go round to help all people on the importance of your religion, but also the meaning of why a Lunar Calender is followed. On the link below,you will see explanations of being a lunar time, and the relevance on why it occurs.

.lunar calender


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