Global Warming

No matter where we live from one country to the next, we tend to see the air get polluted do to over burdening our airways from many companies, the cars we drive, and all the burning of either wood or combustibles. They say global warming will kill us one day, if we don’t find a way to improve conditions for the living. From the rain forest dwindling with the trees, to the ice in colder climates, conditions are changing and it will impact us in the future. It may not impact us now, but what are we leaving for our children to look at. They also say the children of today, will be the children of tomorrow. How can we leave this serious condition to effect the next generation. When will all the countries of the world stand up for what is right.I am so appalled on countries that don’t want to put in an effort to help the next generation. Are we going to see the change in climates from cold to hot, and from hot to old. Are we going to alter the environment. Think about it, and speak to your politicians no matter where you live in the world. Below I am providing a link to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Let’s all speak up for our neighbors, as all our governments need to step up to the plate for a clean and well environment. We only have one life on this earth, and if we don’t step it up,then weather changes and conditions would effect everywhere on the globe. Is this what we want to leave for our children to grow up with. Every country in the world needs to take ownership to do something today, or there won’t be conditions in the future to have a climate to live in. Are we going to alter weather conditions, or we going to do something about it. We have the chance now to correct conditions of Global Warming. Let the world live in what should be,which is a clean and less pollution. Just imagine the rain forest having snow, or the ice caps melting and have floods. To me, that is a scary thought. warming


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