Is Your Ego That Big?

Americans are proud people, and we stand up tall, to boast our ways, because we are people that puts ourselvs in front of everybody. We believe, we are the best people on earth, and no body is better then us. I think our presence on earth are a purpose of what is the valid point of living. Do we know what is truth, or do we see what life is about, but seem to question everyone in our path of life. We think we are the smart ones in when we grow up, and we think that we know better then our parents or friends, as we want to make our point in living. The dilemma that I think about, in focusing why we are who we are, is because we think we are the best on earth, and that no culture or nation can say anything different.Well the matter of the point,when we focus on ourselfs, is that we can not internaly show we are weak. The matter of this comes to a conclusion in my soul, that we never supposed to show that we are on earth, to consider the values of others, are better then us. This is all wrong, but I had to show the reflection of someone, that doesn’t consider all people, all nations, and all beliefs. The disrespect of all human beings, that are different from us, because they are brought up differently, is a crime in my heart. Just because people have different values, as they grow up, have the adacity to look less of others. We may not of been brought up the best we can show society, but the first part of the problem is, we are all on equal ground. What is the point of us talking to others that are different, live in a different country, or have different beliefs,and not consider that they are human, just like the rest of us. +Ego +Large +Compassinateego


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