I Want To Be Reincarnated As An Angel

When we approach in our lives that we know we don’t have much time in living, our mind wonders on things that we might not understand why it is taking place. We have heard stories of seeing a light and a gate. Do we have to go through that gate so we can continue our journey with a soul or a body. Is it a place we know will be in front of our eyes when our number is up, and us living as a human ends. Do you believe in reincarnation? There are in all religions a value of, on will we come back after we die.Are we going to get a banner showing welcome home once we cross over in the light, and people that haved passed over in the past to be there welcoming us.There is always going to be a purpose for things to happen. Take into consideration on what god has done in 6 days. He created life, he created food, he also created clothes. So why wouldn’t we think, that god didn’t create the after life. This is something I truly believe, as there is always a plan whether you are alive in body and soul, and that after our existence in a human form, that we wouldn’t be or do something different. The reason I believe in reincarnation, is because of everything else that has transcribed with our understanding. Fait is something we all believe in, but how we believe, is what separate us from the truth. God always has a purpose for us to understand, so why not think that there is a purpose for us dying.


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