A Christmas Poem


In a season for all to see
We wonder how it will be
The holiday of the year
To never feel in despair
To feel the cold in the air

Christmas time will be upon us soon
So we can look above to see the moon
To notice the man in the red coat
To always think he is our dream boat

Every year that goes by
We can count on him to fly
In his sleigh in the sky
And say O my O my

His reindeer flys in a breeze
And I wonder if St Nick will freeze
For another Holiday season that goes by
To remember the man in the sky

For an everlasting memory that we feel
That we go around the tree to kneal
And bless everyone we know
To hope that it will snow
To remember The holiday season of this year +Holidays +Christmas +Reindeers +Sled


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