The Power Of A Prayer

aOne of the things we do every day is pray to God.There is a significance on this, as we are asking for his wisdom. Every day in our lives, we come across things we don’t understand. His guidance is to teach us what our purpose is in life. Many times we go down a path of uncertainty, but after a period of time in praying and sorting things out, we realize what our purpose is in life. One of the great things we learn about, is the differences in what people believe in. We all have a different belief based on the religion we practice in. The respect of each other, is a point on understanding that thou our belief in God can be different, based on the God we follow, that we are all God’s children. We are our brother’s keeper for a reason. People in life do things to have a feeling of admiration.As we get older, there are causes that teach us to respect and hold value in a man and a woman. The best thing of doing a prayer to remember, is that God will always listen, and that is the most precious thing we as humans have to trust.


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