Don’t Worry Be Happy

One of the best songs that has been made, was for a purpose for all of us to look into our souls and ponder the feeling of always trying to be happy. It also states not to worry. Life is just to damn short, and worrying about things and the levels of stress in our life, will kill us. Life is to be looked upon a circumstance of what we want in life. To many people worry on what if, and worry about trying to please others, and not being concerned enough for our self rightousness. Have you ever herd, that before we can like others, we have to learn on liking ourselves first. There is a purpose in life, and what you make of it, will be the symbol of being complete. We always have the guidance from others, but the true guidance is from the man above called God. He always has a purpose for all of us, and at times we might want to agree with that plan, but the bottom line it is for our own good. So please if ever you do something or want something, just think, that don’t worry, be happy about your life, as each and everyone of us is and will always be special to others, and to God, as he created life, and how life should be. dont worry be happy


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