How does a heart live

In many parts of the world, we see different traits of humanity. We see good people that care for all there brothers and sisters, and you have your individuals that look at people with despair, and prey on these individuals that can’t defend themselves on their own.Every day of our lives we come across people that are brimming with joy,based on expectations of doing something wonderful for people that are less fortunate. When you pay it forward, you are instilling an act of being respected as a person that makes things better for individuals in society. Those individuals that take advantage of other people, that in my eyes are a cancer to society. Our heart can only stay strong,because there are good people in the world, and the few that don’t help socitty, will never truly be happy. We only have one heart, and the happiness and sorrow, will determine what life is all about. Caress your heart to outweigh the bad, and a continuance of joy will keep our heart strong,and in the right direction always.
+paying it forwarda


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