Does Life Have To Be Painful

What we do with our life will be times or moments that are well deserved, or a period of discontent. We never know exactly what will come its way, but we can be aware of many options as time goes by. This helps us to understand more about things occurring in our life. As I said before, we can take precautions on things that can happen, but we will not be 100% on when. This brings a point in our life, that we all don’t like to think about, which are painful times we have been through. It can be a baby that is born and not given the proper time on earth, a divorce to grief of losing a partner we love, but the change that happens, I strongly believe is done for the best. Now comes the most painful time in our life, is when a family member dies, and that you will not ever get the chance again to laugh or cry with. This stays in our heart for ever to remember. I also believe whether it is good or bad, that God only gives us what we can handle, and doesn’t give us more then we can handle as well. Regardless of what we can handle, it is a memory of a time that will stay with us for the rest of our time we live on this earth.With the understanding on what pain means, is an explanation of what we want to provide to our heart. Whether it is consciously or unconsciously, it is a period on how we will evaluate what is relevant now and in the future, until we pass from the existence of being in a physical body, to a period we go to heaven as a complete soul of being tranquil.In closing think about the one most important process we live with, which is a human being is a body, a mind, a heart and a soul, and for us to be complete in life, we have to share all those areas to be with peace in our mind forever.a


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