Why should we think before we start a family on how many children we should have

Children are the gift of the world. Children are our future. We nurture them, give them wisdom, and we teach them right from wrong. At an early age we try to let them know how to treat people, regardless of ones color, or religion, as we have them understand, that once you learn how to show respect, then they have the tools in the making. A child does things in error, because its not because they try, but because they are learning how to adapt. As they get older soon enough, they will be on their own. But from the beginning, if we don’t teach them how to respect another human being, they will go down the wrong path in life, and subsequently turn out to not be caring. To be compassionate and reflect an empathetic approach in how they want to be perceived, will come in time. Don’t rush a child to grow up sooner then they need to. Life is hard enough as it is.The time will come one day, that what they learned from a parent or a friend or even a pier, that they will be molded to be a respected human being in society.Many families in today’s setting, can not provide to their children the resources, or the ability to grow, and do to this, we are short changing our children on a life that will make them proud of the themselves. An identity comes from all the wisdom and what they learn to conclude a well rounded person, that cares for others. So when someone ask how many children you like to have as a family. Think about not only what you grew up to have, but what will my child have in their future. Just make sure, that what you can provide for your children, doesn’t take away from there future, as the children of today, is tomorrows leaders.children


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