My Soul

One can see by looking ahead to always try to be where you
need to go. Believe in yourself, and you will always be on the
right path for your journey of life.To know the meaning of a
soul, we all need to open our hearts to listen to wisdom and
compassion to give an approach, to all that welcome the

guidance of serenity. Our mind sees things to interpret,
because we want to learn, and experience a difference of
opinions. We do not shun possibilities, because options are
always going to be there. The glimmer of hope, needs
nourishment, because we care to listen to objectives,

as we always want to try harder, to reach a level, that’s
past the world of tranquility.The experience that we have
learned up until now, is putting us in position to go farther
and farther, without giving up, because it might seem to hard
to accomplish, what is relevant to our life.

We reach higher and higher, because we want to succeed, and
never quit. We will always except the guidance, and the beliefs,
that our hearts, will always be open to accept our strengths. I will
always show my character in every facet of the way, to complete my
journey in life.

When it is my time to go, I want to be remembered, for my strengths
and weaknesses, as I am humble to reflect, that I will never be vain.
I will always look to the sky to validate the sincerity in my heart, but
to think about a way, a human being can be accepted. I will look down
from heaven, to always look out for somebody in need.

The true meaning of my soul, will always be complete, when my smile
of acceptance, has been reflected. Be as of our nature, to continue our
journey, to always be remembered, to care for others in my path .f
acceptance, as a human being I am.a


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