Being alone in Life

How would you feel if you were on a desert island all alone, with nothing other then having a turtle as a friend and companion. Just when you think no one is in the place you are,you hear a voice. The one good thing about this desert island, is the abundance of fruit. There are many coconuts, many berry plants, as well as banana trees. You won’t starve, and what you eat would be healthy.This one special night when the moon is full, you begin to hear voices around you.You look all around and are so puzzled on what was making these sounds. You are starting to think you are going crazy with hearing things. You scratch your head in amazement.At one special moment you look around and all that was near you, was that special friend called Elmer. You have your friend next to you, and you rub your eyes, and what you hear, is Elmer saying goodnight my friend, and have a peaceful night sleep. You are so dumb founded and you think is this real? Am I dreaming, is this for real? Well other then being so amazed on a talking turtle, you are so greatful, as now you can have conversations with a turtle.So being alone is not going to be an issue ever again.a


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