The Dream Of Angels

In our sleep we hear voices from the unknown. We are not sure where the sound is coming from.We want to believe what is being spoken,comes from our angels that keep on looking out for us, and when necessary, will show themselves. There are angels out there and play an important role in sustaining life. We all need protection on how we react, and the way we live life. We make mistakes, and that is OK. The purpose of having a dream of angels, is a point to know that Angels are messengers of God.Angels are all around us, they are used to help all. Just because Angels are in existence, that it doesn’t mean that we should act any differently. Angels are around for peace of mind, and we should never construe this any other way then a safety net for our souls.Every step we take, will be a step closer to God,with the help of his messengers,which is his army of Angels.a


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