Did You Hear What God Said To You

aIf you believe in the lord, regardless of how you look at religion, that thou there are many religions out there, that we need to listen to God,because what he says, is more relevant to all people,because we are all his children. God has a purpose in life, like guiding us down our true path. We don’t know everything, and this is the reason what God says will have relevance in our life.When God created the earth, that what he put on this earth, is about the master plan he designed for all. Sometimes when we are confused and need a little push by God to get us back on the right path, he tells us, that for me to help you find out what is right in your life, that you need to listen to me as what I say,has relevance in your journey, that will mean more to you, as you go on my journey for you. I will always be with you when things just don’t turn out right, and I will be with you,when joy is in your heart. God looks at someone for the whole package, and not just parts. For us to be a complete package for God, that we need to listen to him,by his approach on guiding you toward the righteous path for your existence.


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