There is a place in our universe that is serene and beautiful. A place where we can be who we want to be. Our minds will travel into a tranquil base of purity. The guidance of a soul is always bright when we turn our hearts into a place of compassion. Heaven teaches us about being truthful and inspirational.People come to heaven when we show others of being honorable. Living on earth in a temporary state of being in a body, is only a time to learn about doing things to help others.Is heaven a final resting place once we leave the planes of being in a place of acceptance of a body?There are many worlds we will travel to,but time will tell us when we are ready to have a journey to a better path .We don’t have all the answers, and understand why things happen. In the world above, time will help us understand why we need to take steps to having a pure soul of acceptance. Our minds will consider all aspects of how religion helps us to part, of going into different dimensions.We need to survive in our hearts, so we can be at peace in our souls fora3ever.



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