The Day We Meet Our Maker

We all have heard from people that are upset because you have did something wrong, or change life for the wrong reason, or just a time when it is near to our death bed. Meeting our maker, is a situation that we all will eperience, when we leave this earthly place, and go from a human body experience, to a spiritual being of tomorrow. The plateau of a sanctuary of peaceful bliss, with no worries, will be a time of serenity. The tranquil approach of continuing a journey to ever lasting harmony. The future is not a time to be concerned with. The future thou wil be a time, that will lead us to a new direction in this world. The heavans will open there gates, or hell will do the same, based on our time in existence in our body form.Time is a temporary stop of being who we were designed to be.With the blessing of tomorrow, we will all take our next journey with the help of God, to ever lasting peacefulness we all deserve.


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