Do you ever regret that you are alive in this time era

Have you ever thought about your exsistance during this time in life? Is there certain feelings you have to detect the realization of importance in your life now versus a time in a past, or even a time that you think of being ahead of time, as being born in the future. We all felt a mood of Deja Vue, as have experienced, but have no reason for feeling what you do. In a mind, we all will think about what it would be like if you were born in the past or evn the future. Would your life be better or worse. No one knows the fait of our existence, until we get a certain feeling in our minds. If there is a choice that allows us to change the time we are in, I would want to live in the future, versus being in the past, because the future has promise, and the past has already has happened. a


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