The Springs Of Joy

There are many beautiful things in the world that we have to feel good about. The tress and the valleys, the flowers and the stars, and the people that believe in of helping others. The joy of ones identity, can only shine, when there is a purpose we are trying to express to teach others the right and wrong way of being human. We live for tomorrow as we know, and each day that passes, gives us a better understanding on what life is about.The joys of going down a river and spring, will reflect the passage of what is taught to us by God. The wisdom of the spring, is a resemblance of what tasks are at hand then we have to experience. The joy of the spring to know right from wrong, is another way we are taught by God. He has a plan for all of us, and we need to look at things in perspective. The phrase of “Seeing Is Believing” is based on an understanding of reflections. The joy of acceptance, is part of what we are trying to accomplish. Every step we take, is a step in the right direction, based on wisdom and experiences in life. As long as we follow the stream of knowledge, we will always have joy of the springs, because its the serenity of the motions of our soul, to be a believer, and not someone that acts like a skeptic. The truth is in the eyes of the beholder, and what we learn is the truth we set forth for our existence with God.Give me the strength to overcome my obstacles, be there to give me encouragement, and always believe in what I do, as a way of life for eternity.



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