The New 3 Little Pig Story

three little pigs
This story I am telling has a twist to it. You see my three little pig story is about passage of how we write a story. My first little pig wanted and needed a home,so he built his house out of paper words. He used those paper words and spread all over to show his house was secure, as his door was a word that was called paper. The second little pig built a home out of words as well, but it was different, as his door had a different word which was wood. And the last house that was built was also made of words,but this time, when his house was complete, his door of words was called cement. Now as this story goes, it involved a wolf. This wolf was very mean and only wanted to catch these little piggies,but he was smart. So he figured if he was going to catch these pigs and eat them, was he had to read the front door and figure if the house the first pig was strong. As I said this wolf was smart. He knocked on the first door made of paper and said come out come out or I will blow your house down. Now the first pig had a back door to his home and ran down to the second pigs home made out of wood, and both pigs felt the wolf can’t knock down a wood house. As the first house was blown down by the wolf as he was smart and realized that paper was flimsy and it was easy to blow down. Now the wolf noticed that the pig ran out of the home fom the back door, and he ran to the second pigs home that was made out of wood.He knocked the second pigs home and said come out or I will cut down your home. But the second pig felt he was smarter then the wolf, until he noticed his house was about to fall,so he and the first pig ran out the back door once again as a safety measure was put in as he noticed if he had a back door, he would also be able to run out the back. So pig number 1 and pig number 2 ran out the back to pig number 3’s house that was made out of cement, as true to colors the wolf sawed down the wood house, and the wolf said darn, he also ran out the back door to the third little pigs home of cement.So now all the three little pigs were in one house which was so huge as his house was 3 times the size of both pig #1 and pig #2’s house. So now the wolf finally came to pig #3’s home, and said to all the pigs to come out or I will use a cement gun to tear the home down. Well pig #3 was the smartest animal in the land, as thou his house was made out of cement, he actually made two walls of cement, and felt no wolf can tear down two walls of cement,as he was right. The wolf started to tear down the first wall, as his gun blew up and got destroyed, and there was no other gun in the land that was made. As the wolf left he fealt he was beaten, and he never came back to pig #3 house again,and left the land for good. The morale of the three little pigs story was, thou a house was made of paper or wood, or even a home of cement, that with the mind of a smart pig to build a house of words that was called cement, he and others would be safe. So as long as your story is made of strong words, that it would hold up in a post.


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