Time To Live And Time To Die

I am going to be writing a post that we all have either experienced, or will experience one day. Look between your life and others, so when you do depart, you will be at peace, and value of a memory will live for ever.hen we are born into life, we became a individual of character. As we get older, we turn into something more then an individual. We now became an identity. We are making our mark in life as an established human being with a purpose in our life. We want to live a normal life in society, but at times we need help. The guidance we ask for, is we look to people that have established themselves, they we learn how to live for our self. The saying goes like this.”You can bring a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink” The logic from this, is we have to live our self for the life we want to make,not on what others tell you. How are you to show your independence, if you follow somebody your entire life. Now you have learned a lot in life as you just turned 60. You think to yourself, that you have made your mark in society, and now its time for someone else to take up the value in living. You feel old thou you are not, you can’t move or do things the way you used to do things. You are now approaching the age of 80. You try to remember what you did in the past, and how you lived the past 80 years.You have lived a long and prosperous life. You did what you wanted to do, and feel there is nothing more I need to accomplish. You say to yourself, that you are biding your time, and you have reached an age that tells you, that there are not to many years that you will be living, and you try to hold on to a memory and a life. One day in the near future, you begin to feel pain in your bones, and you can’t move that much. To your self, you think, that you are at a point to make your next journey, and you are OK with dying. There is always a purpose in life, and there still will be a purpose when you die.Your next journey is moments away, as relatives are around you to make you feel comfortable, as they are saying, that its OK to rest and go on your journey. Fifteen minutes pass, and you have made it to the age of 87, and you take your last breath on earth, and you say I love you all, and you depart. dying                               


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