Having Religion In Ones Life

We as humans look in many directions for advise and guidance and knowledge. At times in our life, we go away from the principles we have learned. We have a purpose on this earth, as we all have a master plan e are told about. But where do we find the answers, so we can have the tools needed to have a full life.We don’t have all the answers, as we are not perfic. When we get these thoughts in our head, we normally turn to religion. No matter what religion you beliueve in or follow, we turn to God. He is the almighty, that in he design on the master plan, that what will truly be done, is to have the compassion of being humble, and thinking on what we do, is an acceptable path. Religion is something I believe we should all have, but we can not infringe on poeople,because of our individual beliefs. Life is a long journey for all of us, and to have God on our side, will strengthen our character to do the right thing.We all need to have some type of religion in our life, as it is helpful to have a entity of keeping us on the right and narrow highway of life.a2


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