What is God trying to say to us all

Whether you go down the righteous path or look for guidance, God will always be in our corner. We may not understand half the time, but with a dream and ayourning for being humble, we will then experience joy in our life.We take for granted that when we say things like G-d Dam–, it offends god. Not only is it misguiding communication, but it shows the lack of respect to the Almighty. He didn’t create man and woman to look at life with a irritable and offenseive value in life. We look above for honor and for acceptance, but what happens when God looks at us for acceptance that he is teaching you. It goes both ways. If you give, you will get, and what ever goes around comes around. This has merritt for all of us. If we expect life to always be honorable, we sway away at times, when we don’t look at the imprtant issue, which is respect for mankind.We are in a give and take society,but we have to realize, that God will always give, as we are his army of existence.As long as we don’t always take, we will be provided with the tools in life to learn.The soul of eternity will be there when we are alive, and when we leave our body into the tranquility of our after life.g-d


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