What to feel or say when we are going through our last days of Life

What is the meaning of a Family. It is a group of closeness that will stay in our hearts for allowing us to exist. A family is people that are born out of love and the continuance of life. Life is a period that is shared among its members of a family. We are young, and then we get old. What is the explanation of a bond? It is a feeling in ones heart to cherish and to keep the best qualities from our soul. These special qualities are for our family. We share our qualities with others, but parts of these qualities are reserved for a select few, our family. There are differences of quality. As we get older and older, these qualities are remembered in our hearts, so that once we become senior citizens that can not function on our own, that some serious decisions need to made on the way to protect our older family members. Many people hate the idea that our love ones at this point of life make things difficult. But what I am about to say, is something we all need to think about, when the time comes to make a choice of either having a love one with a few years to live would have a remaining reward to live in a home, as we do know in our heart, that at this part of life, we have to make some hard choices. Love is eternal existence, memories last a life time, but being alive is only once.Many people debate this in there hearts, to make a choice. Is this a wise choice, a choice of nature, or a choice of best interests. When it comes down to it, will be a decision that hurts us inside. Keep memories of someone that we lived with, or n elderly family member, that needs more care then what we can provide. No one can make a decision hastily. If we know existence is on the last leg of life, then my feeling, is to not throw away life as a memory, but in an existence to keep close to us, as if the time comes that we pass, then keep love near us, until there is no chance to continue life. Love our family, and never throw away a person of value.a


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