Travel For Tomorrow As This Will Be The Way Of The Future

This is about travel and what it means to get the opportunity to go somewhere. Many people dream on getting a chance to go someplace that either you dream about or get the chance to save enough for. It is hard for many families as they struggle to have a simple life, or a quality life.Now they say dreams are made from eternal value of doing something that would benefit each and every day. People need to realize that if you get a chance to dream or experience anything we do, that we grab the idea and run with it. As this story goes, it says how would you like to travel. It also has another meaning. How do we travel. Many people travel by car, they travel by bus and train, and they travel by airplanes. Well when I decided to write an article like this, I used my knowledge and imagination, so that another perspective can be thought about. It is teleporting. Just imagine that you step into a chamber that holds all your particles from your body, and all you need to do, is touch a button, and you are on the way somewhere. Futuristic yes, is it safe yes, will it make life more interesting of course.Every day that passes, brings on a new meaning in life. Technology is a dream in a manner that is considered Science Fiction. Is it ever going to be possible, that this will happen? My answer is yes, but we are at least 3 centuries to go, when this will occur.I believe that once this is developed, we will be at a point in time, that sickness will be a thing of the past, medical coverage will be a thing of the pat, and the most interesting effect, will be life will be a thing of the past. Eternal life does not only have to be in ones body. As we get older, life will always dwindle, as our bodies just get older, and eventually fall apart. When the turn of events is here, we will not have to worry about life being in a body. Life will be from our souls, where every breath we take, will strengthen our minds, that will consider life as an organism that will never die. Live a dream as value of our dreams will take us to next level in the universe.a


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