Living in America, we take for granted our freedom. We have the freedom to speak, we have the freedom to live where we want to live, and we have the freedom on making something out of our lives. Lets take some countries, that if you open your mouth in the wrong way, we can go to jail,because we are outspoken. Freedom of choice is not truly a freedom, as we are watched on computers, we are listened to over the phone and cell phone lines, and we are watched over the skies by unmanned drones. Freedom is just that. To be truly free, is what we can do when ever we want, its the freedom of making a choice for our self’s.
Part of the problem we all feel stressed in our daily lives, is because we don’t slow down for the important issues. Depending where you live, effects the way our day goes. Take for instance people that live in the city, they are always rushing around to get some where for what? And then you take people that live in rural areas or the country, where the daily function is to say hello to your neighbor? Get my point. To many people think about themselves, rather then there brothers and sisters of the world. Regardless in what your religion is, the two things that come to mind, is respect, and we are all gods children and we are our brothers keeper. If we don’t take our time in life, we will never get to the promise land:))future


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