Listen To The Wind Approaching Your Soul

What do we see when we look above into the sky to see a bright sign of a presence. With what we see, comes a point of a glow to show us the reasoning of our lives. Sometimes as we look above and the glistening of the winds, we believe that this is a sign of a higher power. Maybe it is a way that a sign is being reflected, to show us the way of being happy. At times we are puzzled because we may not understand a solution that is given to us by God. In life, we always are on a path to righteousness. We also believe we know it all, but are put down to size, when we are advised on why it is this way.When we concentrate by listening to that higher authority, I believe that we can hear what he is saying, by gently listening to the wind.He will always talk to us in a manner for us to understand, as he doesn’t want us to be confused. Simple life is a simple path, and this is what it is all about. So the next time you listen to the wind, think about the way we are being taught. A simple a simple approach, and we will always be content and feel ever lasting harmony.a


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