Every Step You Take Will Bring You Closer To God

Every day of your life, you experience ideas and goals you want to accomplish and overcome. To be in a state of mind, gives you free rein on how you want to feel and believe, when you include religion in your life.Through our day, we set aside time in it, to concentrate on our ideas and goals we would like to fulfill. Do we every get a helping hand, when we decide to make a choice? Do we get guidance so we don’t make errors, or is this part of the plan to grow from within.When we live, we are experiencing values and tribulations, but with an understanding, that to allow oneself to learn, we need to keep an open mind, and to listen to our hearts, to guide us on the right path. There is always going to be a time for trial and error, or how can we learn without making choices, that could be right, or could be wrong. A soul is a presence of ideological moments that we have experienced. This is life, and as we get older and age, we provide to our inner most important belief, that we are human, and if we don’t make mistakes, we will never be able to overcome situations, that we need to understand. We have learned in our time on Earth, that what we decide can only be felt by our own decisions on what is right, and what is wrong. Regardless of our time in this living environment or presence of own religion we believe in. There will always be a time for inner most deepest thoughts on what we have to consider.But knowing there is a higher authority in life, we will always Gage our true serenity of believing in God. Always remember that every step we take in life, is a step closer to true value of our soul. A path we will always remember, is based on guidance of strengths and acceptance in a religion, that will give us a lifetime to understand.aaaaaaaa


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