What is the most beautiful object in Life

There is so many beautiful photos and pictures in life, and it is hard to just choose one. If I have to make a decision, then I would choose the picure of red rose bouquet. There is so much of a significance on a red rose. The beauty of a rose, the nice smell you get from a rose, and what the rose mean to others. The rose itself blossoms in a state of mind. A rose signifies life from a seed to when it is born. The pedals of a rose opens up and it means to me that life has begone. It openly bloosoms when it breaths, it shines in life as a important object when looked upon as a joy. The life of a rose may be short from when it is born until it dies, but it has more of a meaning other then its beauty. When a rose is given to a woman, it makes her smile. A rose is an offering of love as it is an aphrodisiac of ones soul and heart in a relationship.When a rose is presented to someone, it is a trust of ones feeling. It is not considered lightly.I believe a rose is an honor or a trust in ones heart, that is irreplacible.There are many beautiful things in life, but a rose is a rose, and what is offered, is as important as an offering to someone, that can see the relevance of life and the meaning of importance in ones eyes.red rose bouquet


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