The Loyalty Of A Friend

The Loyalty Of A Friend

There are many diffent type of friends we can have. There are friends that will be in your corner no matter what happens, in which you can count on for anything. Then there are friends you just associate with, but can’t rely on them in time of needs. A friend can be define by only two categories. Ones that you will not say about anything in life for guidance, and then you loyal friends, where in time of need, would do anything to make sure you are OK with. The story we all have heard, that your true friends you can count on one hand. Being open with this group is special. We are protected inside, and feel that your life in a whole is for only your true friends. No one should advise on inner feeling to everyone, only to those select friends you can rely on. Our nature is to protect ourself, and will never open up to just anyone. That is reserved for those select group of people,you are comfortable expressing your true feelings. Loyalty of a friend is reserved for just select group ofa people, that will be in your corner, no matter on what you go through in life.


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