Why I Became A Writer And Its Purpose

When we have a dream to explore our minds, we think to our self and wonder. What if my words can help someone that decides to read one of my stories I wrote? Why do people read? Are they looking for answers from our words of wisdom? Is there life in a difficult time? This is the reason that I decided to become a Natural writer. When I get started, I don’t look at other stories I see. What I see from those stories, is how someone express on whats in there mind. We are individuals, and our words come from our minds, as this is a sign on how Natural a story should be. So when I say I am a Natural writer, it is a belief on what my thoughts are. I don’t look at others to convince me what I need to write. In my mind, I have many thoughts and subjects to write about. The reason I read other posts, is because I have to see what people think in there mind, on what they want to read. So when ever you see me write about something, is its not from others, its from me. I am me, and nobody can change my thoughts, as it is as natural as the sun. It will always shine on others, and the smiles will be a value.a5


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