What Is The New Middle Age

As the Baby Boomers start on getting older in society, we think to our selves on what should be considered a new middle age society. It is not because we are all getting older, but a society where many people are living longer in life, so why not consider lets say 55 as middle age for the future. Many people are young st heart, living better in life, and more healthier then any age group in the last 40 years. What we need to think about, is not how old you are now, but how long you will be alive.The new middle age society are thinking not only about the age group they fall into, but what steps for reacting for the future. Therea are so many more individuals that are living in there Nineties, a far fetch time frame, that many people would not think about 40 years ago. No one ever thought most people wouldn’t live past 75, but they are. Life today and life for tomorrow will be a lot bolder and diverse, that civilization will be much better off, because of the wisdom on the Baby Boomers of the 50’s in getting older, and surviving long past their expectancy.


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