They say life is to commercialized

Life is where we buy things and believe in things. We earn money to buy goods to use for a better existence.We believe in religion as a way to guide us. We take different paths to get us to a point we want to achieve.But there is a point in civilization that says, why do I do what I do. To show society what I can afford? Buy things to show my neighbors to feel jealous that I can afford, and that you can’t?. No, life is for living, and to take a path of righteousness. We are put on this earth to care for others, and to not shame others. If we can afford things that is great, but we are not to do in life, to do better to purposely show people up. The plan we all have goes back to one point. We are put on this earth to help our brothers and sisters to have life rewarding and to learn what are the values of civilization. Having monetary worth, is an evil thought, because it reflects a standing of disparity. We are all on the same plain. Just because we might have more then others, does not condone people to brag. It is the respect of friendships and values, that should always be in the forefront of civilization.a2


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