What do we call citizens that are different in this world? What do we consider individuals that fall into a society? Do we feel that they are people with no place to live? Or better yet, to no society because they are different, and don’t find a place to live in. Society as you call it,does not only be for people that get a head, but also people that have there faults and have to consider the best thing to do, and not speak about there differences from others in society. Society of today, will not be the society of tomorrow, or the world as we know it, will not survive. We in society have to find solutions to the hardest problems we face in todays life. We also have to find answers for the hardest problems around. We need to find a way to get new solutions to benefit the people, that at time, don’t fit into society as we know it. Yes the people who think they are normal. What I think normal is, is so over rated, because we can’t approach life in simple terms. All those people that can’t function because they have a disease or a disibility. Thee are the people that are discounted, because the norm says they are not normal individuals. Why should we categorize individuals because they came down with these conditions. Why can’t the norm except these individuals at face value. My deepest thought on this issue, is a manner of people thinking they are better off, because they think life as a norm, is for only certain people. When society considersa1 all the people in life is the same, will be the time society excepts everyone , not because they are different, but because they are human. We all should except people on face value, and never degrade someone because are not the same.


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