The World Of Happiness And Sorrow

In this world we try to show meaning and to contribute to society. There will always be a point in time on what we do, will reflect Merritt. We want to be relevant to all that come across our paths. But also there is a time in our life, we wish would never happen, and that is sorrow. Life is about mountains and streams. The mountains pertain to good time in our life, and bad times that do occur are the streams that continue moving for eternity. Part of living, is the connection we have with others. We don’t necessarily want others to experience with us the sorrow that keeps on streaming from day to day. But being real, we have to show others whether it is consciously or unconscious appearance. When times are glorified and it is glowing on what we have accomplished, we will know that others approve of us, and what we do, to be important enough to be in our circle of life. We always will have people by our side to pick up the pieces, when sorrow shows its face. Having supporters and friends, are as purified at the river that flows, as long as they are truthful and sincere.a7


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