The light at the end of the tunnel

Do you ever think about life and the times that life just seems to be not fun. I try to approach certain periods in my life which are good and bad,and traumatic. We all have good times in our life, and also bad times that you wish never happened. Like me. Prior to this year,the previous 7 years was such turmoil in my life, I was hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was homeless living in a car for 4 months, going to my fathers funeral back 3 years ago.Being very concerned during the days forward to my fathers funeral as my wife was in the hospital a day after coming home from the funeral as she had a temperature of 105,double pneumonia, and an oxygen level in hr blood only at 82%. It was touch and go for 2 weeks,then during oxygen treatments for 2 months. I also had 2 cars that dies from either age or a transmission going, and 2 years ago of filing for bankruptcy. I was saying to myself, how much can a person take in life, before finally giving in to these turmoil. Well one word that comes to my mind, is RESILIENCE. Despite all obstacles, I continue on, as my family was the most important factor,in continuing my quest ahead. The light at the end of the tunnel, will be in 30 days or so. I cleared my credit standing, and I have bought a house. Keep in mind one thing. If a minba is resilient,there will never be an end of a tunnel, but pulling ahead due to good things in ones life, then at that point you will see a light, and say thank G-D for allowing me to overcome all obstacles in my life.


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