Life is a blessing and what you do will always make it worth it

When we are born into this world, we are not in position to know what values mean, until we get to an age of acceptance. We have passed a point of no return, when we are hooked on the way we are preceived by others. As we get older, the wisdom of others assist us in our ways, in believing trust and wisdom. We take ownership on how we develop,based on previous experiences by our self and people around us. All the blessing we take in every day,signifies the experience we are taught, and the knowledge we are able to obtain. When days go by and it is clearer on a direction we need to take, ius that life is made of experiences we see and what we have learned. We get proficient in our ways, because of others, and we will always shine, because we have got to a point of serenity. The tranquility of ones life, will always be in the forefront if we take the right path for our blessings, as we share those times with open minded individuals. If one thing comes to mindagg, is to never disregard others, as the surprise will come, when one speaks will make sense.


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