The Soul Of The Evolutionary World

In our minds we think of the possibilities on what can be, if we just think about the qualities of man. The distinction of how we relate to each other symbolizes the effort we come forth with. Ever since we began to communicate to others, we try to reason on what is rather then what was or what can be. Our life is an appointment in time. There will always be differences in our eyes, and also comparisons that will be different. We must respect our fellow man, because the ideas we bring forth, reflects the solitude of experiences.Why do we try to improve our self and society? We all have a purpose in life, and we all will never agree on what can be, but the idea of listening to each other, will make sense on the ambition of future endeavors.Life is funny that we try to improve conditions in which we cohabit-ateevolutionary with others,thou ideas may be different. We are all in a learning stage, and we never stop learning, but we need to keep an open mind to listen to others. If we only give our fellow man the chance to succeed with their ideas, we will always harmonize and make the world we live in better, if we believe in each other now, and in the future.


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